2020 Gala Recap


The event is over, but the videos tell the story.

There is no true replacement for gathering together with those we are working with us to rebuild Rwanda, but this years virtual Gala was a close second!

We're thankful to the hundreds of friends and supporters who gathered with us online to share in this moment. If you missed the event, or just want to experience parts of it again, we've put together a few highlights.

Watch a recap of the 2020 Gala event.



Of a rescued boy.

Louis is part of our team at ERM Rwanda, and has a profound story to share.  If you've been curious how 25 years of Rwanda Rise has shaped individuals for the good, you'll want to listen to Louis tell the story of one little boy whose life was forever changed by the work of Emmanuel and Rwanda Rise.

Hear the story from Louis.


by Adrien Misigaro

We were treated by the amazing music of Adrien Misigaro and his group of Rwandan drummers. Special thanks to Adrien for arranging this piece and providing music throughout the evening.

Musical performances by Adrien Misigaro and his group.

Watch the full gala below.