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One of our widows

Annonciata Mukangwije

Annonciata is the main caregiver of a family of eight, however she is very sick and unable to perform the farming jobs as she used to; she suffers from advanced HIV, high blood pressure and diabetes; fortunately she has three older children who can find temporary jobs and provide for the family a simple meal at least once daily; the major challenge for this family as well as many other families in the city of Kigali is hunger because of unemployment, Organizations and companies are laying off employees because business is slow; consequently it is getting harder to get daily jobs and many families are suffering.

Since 2016, we have assisted Annonciata with medical care, provided her with basic food when times were hard and paid tuition fees for one of her younger children.

We are very glad we can find a way to help for Annonciata and her family and we are grateful to supporters in the USA who can make such a beautiful thing happen and save lives in our communities.


Faida is an orphan and she lives with her grandmother along with other five children. She used to be a sex worker for survival. When she was 16 she got pregnant, unfortunately her child died few days after birth. She couldn’t do general studies and she didn’t want to go back into prostitution, so she decided to attend Hope Vocational Training Center with an objective of learning hairdressing skills in order to be able to look for a good job and help her family.

Before schools were shut down in March because of the COVID-19 crisis, Faida was enrolled in the hairdressing program. Because of the COVID-19 lockdown and crisis, the family have no ways to make money and thus purchasing food is a problem. When we gave Faida and her family the home care kit to help them during this period, the whole family was happy and sent thanks to the donors for their helping heart that recognized them in this bad situation where by they couldn’t find anything to sustain their family.


Josiane and her husband are neighbors of Hope Vocational Training Center in Kigali. Their source of income was selling metal scrap for recycling. Towards the end of 2019 they agreed that the husband would move to Kenya to look for a better job and Josiane started a small fruit business in the local market, which worked until a couple of months ago.

Josiane was pregnant and about to deliver her child, so she put on hold sales of fruits in the local market. It was then that coronavirus crisis started she could not have any income.

It got hard for her husband to get a job in Kenya and he is now thinking about coming back to Rwanda.

Josiane had her baby, she is not strong enough to go back to work. She reported her case to the local government who helped her sometime with rent but struggles a lot to get food for her and milk for her baby. We decided to do something about Josiane’s situation.

We told her that our supporters in the United States and we gave her a package of food and cleaning supplies. She was really very happy, and she thanks the donors for thinking about her in these trying times. She explained that her life was in danger because she had no food whilst having a child to nurse every day.

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