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The Hunger is Real

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Sewing class graduate Betty...

Betty’s story

Betty 23, graduated in the sewing class of 2019 and lives with her mother. They rent a small house in the rural side of Kigali. Their main activity is working on the neighboring farms for money but the main source of income for the family is Betty’s sewing jobs. We knew their family is struggling getting meals in this period and we dropped a home care kit to their home. Betty was very happy about it and said that we just saved them from a very serious hunger situation. She blessed our ministry so much and said that the food they got will push them for some days.

Esther Nyirambarushimana

Esther Nyirambarushimana (17) is the one doing all the cooking and cleaning activities for her family. She lives with her father and her brother. Her parents separated four years ago due to HIV AIDS. The father is in the advanced stage of the disease and cannot do any job because of the sickness. Esther’s elder brother works as a construction mason to feed the family. Their home is very small with earth floor, but Esther always makes sure her home is very clean. We got connected with Esther back in 2016 when she was admitted in our sponsorship program and we have since made a long journey with her.

With the COVID-19 crisis and confinement, Esther’s brother cannot get a job and the family was starving. We called the family to assess their situation and it became clear that the family needed emergency help. Seeing the home care kit package the family was so happy and Esther couldn't stop smiling. We were very happy to see how they were relieved and the father couldn’t utter many words because he was moved.

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