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Saving Lives!

Updated: May 15, 2020

Almost one million cases of COVID-19 were confirmed worldwide by WHO on April 3, 2020; following the pandemic three-quarters of the world's population is in lockdown. on March 15, the Rwandan government ordered to close all unnecessary business and suspended all road and air travel to contain the virus and the prevent spreading throughout the country, currently 89 cases are confirmed in the country; While the government is doing its best to contain the virus; in Rwanda Rise, we play our part in helping our community by providing basic food, water and hygiene items to save the lives of our students and their families.

50 HOME CARE KITS were distributed to our network of widows and orphans living in extreme poverty. Each HOME CARE KIT provides rice, beans, sugar, maize flour and cleaning supplies.

Is this really happening to me?

Emma Ingabire

Emma studied culinary arts at Hope Vocational Training Center and graduated in 2019. She actively sought out the job of her dreams to cook in a four-star hotel. Meanwhile, she got a job to cook meals for construction workers on a service station project in Kigali. When we visited her she said that since the lockdown was installed, she had had extremely difficult times finding food for her young 4 year old son, her old and sick grandmother and for herself; "Is this really happening?" she exclaimed in tears. We explained to her that it was a gift of care from her friends in the United States. She posed for this beautiful photo with her son and we continued to the next family all moved.

Sickness in the lockdown: It couldn't be worse

Alice Ishimwe

Alice Ishimwe's mother, hairdressing student photographed with her home care kit, Alice has a chronic illness, she has been with us at Hope TVET for two years, she did not finish her studies in 2019 because of her illness and she returned this year; she could not wake up to receive the gift and her mother came to get it and explained that their family of 9 had difficulty eating, their father had chronic back disease and that he could not work, only their mother sells vegetables on the street; with lockdown measures, she cannot sell. "It's a real rescue," she said, "I can't be more grateful".

We slept hungry last night: Blessings to the donors

Jean Micomyiza  

Jean Micomyiza (left) has received a sponsorship by Rwanda Rise for the last four years. He is known by others as humble, kind, and very intelligent! His father has a broken back and cannot do his job, which is carrying grass feed to other people's cattle. Combined with lockdown measures, their family of five has been unable to afford food.

“Last night we bought some corn flour and we made porridge for dinner and drank it without sugar and went to bed,” said the father of Jean. Their entire family was very happy seeing the food delivered in the home, they all came out to receive the gift and they blessed the donor of their home care kit in all possible ways.

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